"Dance- the most fun you can have standing up with your clothes on."

We are CRAZY about Salsa and Bachata and want our students to become passionate too! With over 30 years of dance and performance experience, we have taught thousands of students to dance Salsa, Bachata and other Latin dances. Coached students for Student Showcases and Dance Teams for over 25 years and have taught at La Rumba for 24 years. We are former members of Rafael Ayure's SALSA CALIENTE dance company and have performed locally and at the L.A. and Puerto Rico Salsa Congresses numerous times. Our goal is to give students the tools to be a good social dancer and have fun on the dance floor!

We have 3 levels of Salsa and 2 levels of Bachata classes. Students will get a solid foundation in lead and follow technique, footwork, styling and musicality in both Salsa and Bachata. 
It’s important that students master the material presented in each level before moving on to the next level. We encourage students to repeat classes as needed to reenforce the elements taught in class.
Classes are progressive thru out the month building on the elements presented each week.

New sessions start every month. $15/class at La Rumba. 
No pre-registration.
Come to La Rumba Thurs. -Sun. to practice the material
presented in class.
Join us the 2nd Saturday each month 8p for
"Get Your Sexy On" - Salsa Social.
We want to see you on the dance floor!

Cash or credit at La Rumba.
All sales for classes are final.
Punch card/passes cannot be shared.
Non-transferable, non-refundable.
No extension on punch cards/passes expiration dates.

Remember - "Every expert started as a beginner"


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday  & Saturday classes are held at La Rumba Nightclub
99 W. 9th Ave. Denver CO 80204.
Free parking in the lot at 9th Ave. & Broadway after 6pm.  
303-517-5043 or [email protected] for more info.

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MUSIC for practice:
Salsa slow: "Ahora Entregate"- Adolescent's Orquestra.
Salsa fast: “Baila Que Baile ” - Jose" El Canario" Alberto.  
Bachata: “Tounen Nan Vim” - El Zorro Negro & Joan Soriano

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Dance is a physical activity that can be taxing, more risky due to COVID and other transmissible diseases and can sometimes result in injury or disease. We expect all students to act responsibly and conduct themselves in a safe manner. Every student is responsible for any and all cost and damages incurred as a result of any injury or acquisition of disease sustained in class and agree not to hold Jig and Senora or La Rumba liable in any way for injury, disease or loss of property.


On a Personal note...

We met in a dance class 31 years ago.

Not everyone will find love in a dance class, but in this age of dating apps and social isolation, social dancing is maybe the best skill you can learn to meet and connect with other people. There are very few situations in our society (other than the doctors office) where it's appropriate to put your hands on a total stranger. In social dancing it's not only appropriate, but expected and isn't that what people really want. Connection with another human being in the physical world on the dance floor rather than swiping left or right in the virtual world. In class we change partners so everyone has a chance to dance, improve their leading and following skills (a little like speed dating) and have a chance to make new friends.
We are happy that you are coming to us to learn a new skill that can bring you joy for a lifetime and who knows maybe you might find love...


Class Descriptions 


 Beginning Salsa

Salsa footwork & partnering.
No experience necessary.


Intermediate Salsa

Presenting the essential passes necessary to become a intermediate dancer.
Need to have 4-8 weeks of Salsa 1.  This class covers the essential passes for intermediate salsa. Must know cross-body-lead and walk-thru.


Intermediate/Adv. Salsa

Salsa + a few cool moves!
A class for the intermediate dancer who wants to step up their game!
Should have 8-12 weeks of Salsa 2 or have at least 3 months of Salsa dance experience. 
More complex patterns, turns, footwork and stying presented in this class.


 Beginning Bachata

Beginning Bachata footwork and partnering.
No experience necessary.


Intermediate Bachata

Need to have 4-8 weeks of Bachata 1.
Must know basic Bachata footwork & partnering

Saturdays 8p

 Salsa Social!

"Get Your Sexy On" @ La Rumba 
Join us each 2nd Sat. of each month!
Class, open dancing and live music.

It's Saturday night,
time to get out and have some fun! Great class for beginners so, grab your friends, learn some new moves and let's party! 21+. $15 class & cover charge.
Open dancing after class 9pm until 1:30am.
Dress code enforced - www.larumbadenver.com for more info.

FREE admission on the 2nd Sat. of the month for students with current punch card or pass.
Show card at the door. $15 for additional guest. 
See you there!


Want more personal attention?

Private lessons are available for partners, individuals or small groups. $85/hour + $25/hour for each additional couple.Call 303-517-5043 to schedule with either Jig or Senora.
Private lessons held near I-70 & Lowell.